Pipe inspection

We has extensive expertise in pipeline inspections. Our experience has shown that by recurring problems with pipes, then it will be appropriate to have a pipeline inspections that could reveal discrepancies with pipes.

Any defects or errors will be mapped and the customer will get a status report. The report documented with photos, video and sketches, the customer will also be recommended the actions that should be taken to avoid future occlusions.

The equipment we use is modern and of high quality. We inspect all pipe materials in the size 20 mm to 1500 mm.

Camera Tractor:

  • Used in larger branch lines and municipal mains
  • Inspects all types of pipes from 100mm to 1500mm
  • Built probe for pathways
  • Reports created in WinCan8

Stake Camera:

  • Used in branch lines and smaller mains
  • Inspects all types of pipes from 20mm to 250mm
  • Range of up to 100 meters
  • Ability to enter several branch
  • Built probe for pathways
  • Reports can be made in WinCan8

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